Mac os vs linux command line

So who wins the debate? Well we can say for non-technical user OS X is always a good choice but if you are little economical and have some technical expertise then you will choose Linux as in upcoming year it will be more user friendly and my possible beat the OS X but recently OS X is popular for common man while Linux is rocking among business world and Techie.

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10 Unix commands every Mac and Linux user should know | InfoWorld

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Install Homebrew

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Bookmark this page so you can refer back to it often. Although most options to these commands are identical between Linux and macOS, be sure to view the manual page for commands that you will use in the future. Disk quotas are configured differently in macOS. Instead, you must create two files in the root of the filesystem that you wish to enable quotas on.

As in Linux, macOS stores its variables in environment files. User and group administration differs slightly in macOS from Linux. There are no useradd or userdel commands.


OS X vs Linux

Instead, you must use the System Preferences utility to create user accounts properly. Network devices have different names in macOS.

Why Use Mac When Linux Exists?

The first ethernet adapter is called en0 typically wired ethernet , and the second is called en1 typically wireless ethernet. Ensure that you use System Preferences to change any network parameters, as they are not stored in text files as they are on Linux systems. Here are more network- and security-related commands in macOS.

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