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The long-tailed critter next to your computer is not the end-all of pointing device technology. The action of a RollerMouse is difficult to describe, but easy to do. This sliding motion defines left and right mouse movement on the screen.

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To move up and down, the tube is rolled in either direction. Combined, these movements give you as much control over your pointer as you enjoy with a regular mouse.

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The rollerbar can also be used to click by pushing down lightly. An array of buttons out front provides right-click, double-click, scroll, and more.

Product Description

I have been intrigued by the RollerMouse for some time, but only recently contacted Contour Design for a review sample. I was. Right out of the box, the unit feels high quality which is to be expected from a mouse that costs as much as some computers. All the action is solid, and the parts feel well-made. In addition to the RollerMouse, the box contains an array of accessory feet for elevating thinner keyboards to match.

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Using the RollerMouse was instantly intuitive for me. I showed the RollerMouse to several other people, and they grasped it after a tutorial that took all of three seconds. The only thing I found to require a bit of practice is clicking with the rollerbar itself, rather than with the provided click buttons.

Pushing the bar down without turning it can be a bit challenging at first, but I soon picked up the habit of holding the bar steady while applying click pressure. Two-handing the rollerbar could make this easier as well. I did my RollerMouse trial run with my normal Contour mouse still hooked up and ready to go on the right. This six- or eight-inch-square area, often defined by a mouse pad, is almost always found to the immediate right of the keyboard. The Contour RollerMouse is designed to occupy the already-empty space right in front of your keyboard.

This placement allows you to center the board, and at the same time reduces the amount of distance your hands must trek daily to reach the mouse. Everything about the RollerMouse invites your hands to open up, relax, and enjoy life — while still accomplishing the necessary chore of putting your mouse pointer where it needs to be. Without moving, look down at your mousing hand right now. Which is a shame, because time spent passively reading on the computer is perfect for giving your mouse hand a rest. When we type, our right and left hands tend to share the work load more or less evenly.

Activities involving mouse use, however, are a different story. For the most part the left hand sits on the desk or chair arm, doing nothing more useful than holding a coffee cup and waiting for something to type. The RollerMouse lets your hands split the work of clicking, and, remarkably, the work of pointing as well if desired.

Two-handing the rollerbar does more than boost the self-esteem of your other hand; it actually halves the effort of clicking, and also lets you steady the rollerbar with one hand while applying pressure with the other. The RollerMouse scroll wheel, conveniently positioned in the middle where either hand can thumb it, is so smooth and so much fun to operate that I would buy just the wheel as a standalone unit if it were available that way.

Series of Ergonomic Reviews - The Contour Design Rollermouse Red Review

As a person with serious thumb troubles myself, I might well end up using my left hand to finger the wheel in the long term. It is quite possible to run out of room while using the RollerMouse, leaving your pointer in the middle of the screen and the rollerbar at end-of-travel.

At each end of the rollerbar track, there is a lightly spring-loaded switch. When the bar hits the fence at one end or the other, the switch sends a signal to move the mouse pointer all the way to that side of the screen. There are two things about the RollerMouse action that users are likely to adjust: The tension of the rollerbar — that is, the amount of force it takes to push the bar down and register a click, without doing it accidentally — and the speed of the pointer. Both of these settings are adjustable using controls on the mouse itself, without the need for any special software. General Interest. Shipping is free for all customers in Australia.

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