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The Yikes G4 is good if you want to run legacy software that uses Altvec or older games, web surfing is worse then getting your leg sawed off. It is allot better to play any games with as well due to the faster CPU, and faster sub systems. I would just buy a faster G4 system like a Digital Audio and above then to spend money on a Yikes G4 only to get marginal Performance gains.

Really the Yikes G4 is only good for running classic software but there is better and faster systems for that and for collecting. I subsequently replaced the Rev. This time, everything worked fine and has continued to work since then. My personal feeling is that I'd be careful about upgrading a Rev.

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There was a somewhat anecdotal comment on MacInTouch, back in the day, which stated that Apple added the firmware block after power supplies failed in test systems. This comment was generally discredited, but after my own experience, I feel there may be some credibility in that the G4 may be enough to blow some marginal component in the Rev. Currently I'm running I'm thinking a possible RAM upgrade would possibly assist in making it a tiny bit faster.

I think the most I really want to do with it now is use it for a print server and possible web-server in the near future. I can't remember if I mentioned that once before or not. I have respect for anyone still using a Classic II.

PowerMac G3 Blue & White Memory Installation Video

I had two, both with the leaking capacitor problem--they'd boot after about 15 minutes of a black and white banded screen. I pulled them out of the closet a couple months ago and turned one on and the power supply popped and fizzled, so I tossed that one but kept the shell for a possible MacAquarium. The other one did the same 15 minute until boot thing.

Had a bad hard drive which I replaced and it works great--no 15 minute wait! As for someone still using a CD I had one of those, too, many years ago and it led me to join a chorus of people who rate it as the worst Mac ever produced. IIRC, it worked ok for the basics of system 7, and then I trashed it after trying and failing a few times to upgrade to OS 8.

Don't get high density. You can only use mb sticks, not mb in the Yikes! RAM rated CL2 is supposedly the best, although I believe that statement is actually a simplification and RAM ratings as an indicator of speed and quality have a lot of variables, but you might as well go with CL2. The Yikes! There's not actually any benefit of using PC over PC It also runs on PC66, some say, but that would be undermining your performance significantly. You can begin a laborious chore of screwing up your machine by putting in RAM that's been randomly pulled from other machines.

When using random RAM I found that mb sticks tend to be more stable than mb. If after installing RAM or other cards, you find the computer suddenly stops booting, I found that just letting it sit turned off overnight corrects the problem.

upgrade a powermac g3 blue and white past 550mhz g4?

The memory brings shudders to my soul. However, tonight I found an old fan and mounted it on the heatsink and noticed it seems to be running a bit more smoother. That's why the original has the shape it does. I've used a Beige G3 heatsink with a small fan attached to the heatsink to one side so it didn't hit the ZIP drive cage.

Extra cooling always helps. Also check to see if your large main case fan by the hard drives is working ok. One of them would work only intermittently. The one problem with replacing the main fan is that the power connector for that fan is not the standard fan connector. It's smaller. Hawaii Cruiser wrote: Also check to see if your large main case fan by the hard drives is working ok. That would be my concern.

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The mm case fan should cool the CPU effectively, and I'd also check the PSU fan, and check for dust bunnies if you haven't done all these things already. I'd also check that the CPU heat sink is mounted properly, and that its thermal pad isn't damaged, shifted, missing or otherwise preventing good contact. Well, as you can see from the subject, I did give it a good dusting, and it seems to be a LOT cleaner than before.

Power mac g3 motherboard upgrade | sehaptio

Intell macrumors P6. Jan 24, 18, Inside. AphoticD said:. Intell said:. So the FireWire method wouldn't work for installing Tiger? Can someone confirm or deny? Last edited: Aug 23, Back to the drawing board then! Either that or just install Panther? I couldn't get an Aluminum G4 15" to recognise drives attached to this, but it worked fine on my 12" PowerBook. Keep in mind, this was with 2. Obtain an adapter 2. The alternative is to plug this into your mid MacBook Pro?

You can obtain CD images of Tiger and use those. Hrududu macrumors Jul 25, 2, Central US. The QEMO sounds a little complicated Would I be able to burn Tiger onto multiple CDs? Hrududu said:. Tiger has a CD version that Apple sold by special order. I have it, and it was well worth it. If you can find a set, they're a 4 disc set. I use mine all the time. The side panel is a fold-down door on which the main components are mounted, make the computer extremely easy to upgrade. It was discontinued in late in favor of the PowerMac G4.

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