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Chainsaw Repair - Replacing the Ignition Coil (Poulan Part # 545090601)

Close Save changes. Include an image. It's worth a thousand words. Related Questions: 2 Answers My chevy s10 2. I'd be considering an ignition tune-up as an appropriate first step. Chances are it will show a remarkable improvement. If your points are sparking as it is running, replace your condenser. I would do that first anyway. You can put any condenser in it. Make sure your new plugs, points and condenser are all operating correctly.

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You have probably already done all that but it is all I can think of. If you are sure your points are OK, I would suspect the condenser next.

They are relatively inexpensive if still available for your bike and usually require only a mounting screw and a connecting screw to replace. Next, check the ignition coil and the high tension wire to your spark plug. Of course, I'm assuming that you are working with a good spark plug. Has gas in the engine and oil. There is a flashing light showing that it's getting spark, but their is no spark at spark plug. It won't start. Hi Gavin, I will try to give you a few suggestions for your problem.

With no spark at the spark plug what you will have to work on is the wiring, switch and coil also anything that is hooked up to that system in some way. Do you have a V. If you do check the continuity of all the wiring, switch and coil. Start with the plug wire, the plug connector sometimes comes out of the wire and the coil end of the plug wire sometimes slides out of the coil connect point.

Take a look at the switch to make sure it is working like it should and not staying grounded. Check the coil for cracks and damage to the windings. All the wiring should be checked for damaged insulator or fraying that could ground out the electrical system.

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Does this new engine have points and condenser? If yes then that system has to be checked also. But if this is a new engine it has no points and condenser, most haven't for the past few years. Have you checked the spark plug, sometimes they are bad even if new? Check for any safety systems that saw might have to make sure that it is working properly.

I have heard about a saw that had good spark with the cowling off but when the cowling is on there is no spark. The answer was that a wire was pinched and grounding out with the cowling on and was very hard to see on the wire.

Hooking up wires on ignition coil on a mac-10-10-chainsaw

You could check the coil to flywheel gap and make sure it is to spec. I have seen rust ground out the system so that is a possibility. I hope these few suggestions help you out even a bit. All the best and good luck. Any questions welcome. Honda condensers are notorious for being week.

Spark plug caps have resisters that burn out or corrode. Coils can go bad but do not usually go out in pairs. Plug wires can short out the spark if the are old and cracked or wet. One coil does two plugs so on shorting wire on each coil will kill all the spark. You can see this if the bike is running at night where it is dark. I suspect that your problem is still the points. Power is going to them but not leaving them. Table 1 shows numerical data on the variables analyzed, which will be described according to the ISCEV nomenclature Odom et al.

The spring in a recoil system is more flat and compressed than other types of springs. McCullough, N. McCulloch chain saws makes cutting wood a breeze, almost, yes, enjoyable! Emily E. Hose connector for mcculloch water jet fha. WEA International Inc. How to set oil feed on mcculloch chainsaw.

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Wow when he brought that 2 ft. McCulloch Chain Maintenance. The Radio Science Bulletin No December 3 Editorial Our Papers The problem of the propagation of a radio wave from a source over a lossy Earth is a classic problem, dating back at least to this organization has sites. We provide downloadable manuals for Your device. Valley City State N. Grass Trimmers mcculloch virginia petrol hedge trimmer petrol line detached?

Hedge Trimmers Media manuals and free pdf instructions. By Leslie McCullough.

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